About Cloudpe

Presenting Ideas Anywhere

Cloudpe offers education solutions and web conferencing that allows people make presentations and share videos, files and ideas across the globe. Cloudpe uses the latest in communications technology and works on almost any computer platform.

The evolution of education and business is decentralization, presenting ideas to anyone regardless of location. Cloudpe is built on the latest video streaming and CODEC technology that allows you to give a lecture or presentation live with HD video as well as record it for later viewing.

Leading the Way

There is no denying the power of presence. Seeing all the people you are connecting with greatly benefits communication. Using the latest smart technology, Cloudpe employs different CODECs for different bandwidths and efficient multi-stream, multi-CODEC deployments on large scale video communication networks. This allows high-download-bandwidth sites to receive up to 16 HD video streams and high-upload-bandwidth sites to transmit 4 HD video streams. Our goal is crystal clear communications.